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    This document describes the steps to publish an article in Scholarpedia. To work on your article, you will need to have registered and account and be signed in.


    Propose article

    Click on "Propose a new article" on the left panel. Help left panel.png
    Fill in the title of your proposed article (Use "sentence-style" capitalization). Help propose article.png

    Invite co-authors

    To invite a co-author, click "Invite co-author" on the article dashboard. You will see an invitation link that you can copy and send to those whom you would like to invite. Help invite coauthor.png

    Find sponsors

    In order to reserve an article you will first need to find a sponsor. A sponsor can be any editor or curator of Scholarpedia. To request sponsorship, click "Invite sponsor" on the right panel. Help propose article 1.png
    You will be shown a URL that you can copy and send to a Scholarpedia Curator or Editor that you believe may be willing to sponsor your article and authorship: Help sponsor link.png
    When he or she follows the link, the potential sponsor will see information about you and the article. He or she can also optionally suggest other individuals as potential co-authors.

    Help article sponsored.png

    Submit for peer-review

    Once your article has been sponsored it is reserved for you and your co-authors within Scholarpedia. By default, you have two months to get it Published (i.e., writing and peer-review should be completed within that time period). You can contact an editor in order to ask for an extension of the deadline. Instructions on editing the article can be found here: [1] Help propose article 2.png
    Once you believe that your article is ready for peer-review, click "Invite reviewer" on the article dashboard. You will see a link that you can send to potential reviewers. While any Scholarpedia user can comment on your article, only Scholarpedia Editors and Curators are typically eligible to approve your article for publication. Help review url.png
    The potential reviewer will see the following screen: Help article reviewed.png


    After your article has received at least two approvals it is deemed ready for publication, and the dashboard will look similar to the one shown here: Help propose article 3.png
    After a seven day "cool-off" period, the article will be published in the Scholarpedia journal and receive a DOI. The names of the article Sponsors and Reviewers will appear at the end of the article. They immediately become "Contributors" to the article article, allowing them to vote on whether to accept or reject article future revisions by other Scholarpedia users. Help article published.png

    After an article has been reviewed and approved by two reviewers, the article will undergo a one week editorial review / cool-off period. After this editorial review period, the "publish" button will be enabled for the authors. One of the authors must go to the article to finalize the publication to perform the actions described below:


    The first step is to click on blue "publish article" button in the publication banner (if this is not enabled, the article may not have completed the editorial review period).


    The above pop-up should then appear. The author should check the ordering of the authors and then choose the curator from the author list. The curator should be an expert in the topic of the article.

    The final step is to click "Submit confirmation".

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