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    Among authors of this encyclopedia are M. Abeles (Synfire chains), V. Braitenberg (Brain), A. Destexhe (High-conductance state), H. Eichenbaum (Memory), B. Ermentrout (XPPAUT and Ermentrout-Kopell canonical model), R. FitzHugh (FitzHugh-Nagumo model), J. Fuster (Cortical memory), J.J. Hopfield (Hopfield network), C. Koch (Neural correlates of consciousness), T. Kohonen (Kohonen network), H. Lecar (Morris-Lecar model), R. Llinas (Neuron), E. Moser (Grid cells), W. Rall (Rall model), W. Schultz (Reward and Reward signals), A. Selverston (Stomatogastric ganglion), W. Singer (Binding by synchrony), R. Traub (Fast oscillations), C. Wilson (Up and down states), and many others (including many Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists).

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