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    Department of Physics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA

    Figure 1: Prof. Kirby Kemper

    Prof. Kirby W. Kemper

    Department of Physics
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-4350

    Fax: (850) 644-8630
    Phone: (850) 644-2867


    1962 B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    1964 M.S., Indiana University
    1968 Ph.D., Indiana University


    1963-1968 Teaching and Research Assistant, Indiana University
    1968-1971 Research Associate, Florida State University
    1971-1975 Assistant Professor, Florida State University
    1975-1979 Associate Professor, Florida State University
    1977 Vsiting Fellow, The Australian National University
    1979-1994 Professor, Florida State University
    1981 Visiting Fellow, The Australian National University
    1985-1988 Associate Chair, Physics Department
    1982-1988 Director, Physics Department Graduate Program
    1990-1997 Director, Accelerator Laboratory
    1994-2000 Distinguished Research Professor
    2000-2002 The John D. Fox Professor of Physics
    1997-2003 Chair, Physics Department, Florida State University
    2002- Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor
    2003- Vice-President for Research


    Sigma Pi Sigma; Fellow, American Physical Society; Sigma Xi

    Field of Research Interest

    Experiments with polarized beams and targets, nuclear structure with radioactive beams.
    Teaching of non-physics majors. Explaining the importance of research to the general public.
    Developing university K- 12 scientist-teacher interactions.


    2010 Francis G. Slack Medal of the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society for Physics Leadership in the Southeast
    2009 American Physical Society Outstanding Referee
    2002 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor (FSU’s Highest Faculty Honor)
    2000 Jesse W. Beams Medal of the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society for Significant Research in Physics
    1994 Named a Florida State University Distinguished Research Professor
    1994 Teaching Incentive Award
    1990 College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching
    1983-2003 Co-founder and Lecturer of the Summer High School Science and Math Camp at F.S.U.

    Supervised Ph.D. Students

    R.L. White (1974), G.E. Moore (1975), G.J. Kekelis (1975), G.M. Hudson (1976), R.J. Puigh (1976), L.H. Harwood (1978), R.I. Cutler (1979), C.W. Glover (1981), M.F. Vineyard (1984), M.E. Clark (1984), D.P. Sanderson (1986), S.P. Van Verst (1988), D.E. Trcka (1989), A.J. Mendez (1993) E.L. Reber (1994), M.A. Tiede (1994), P.V. Green (1995), P.L. Kerr (1995), T.L. Drummer (1998), P.D. Cathers (2000), E.E. Bartosz (2000), W.D. Weintraub (2003), B. T. Roeder (2006)

    Post-doctoral Advisees

    A.W. Obst, M.E. Williams-Norton, A.F. Zeller, G.A. Norton, A.J. Lumpkin, J. Cook, L. A. Park, S.M. Aziz, X. Aslanoglou, F. Maréchal, N. Keeley, O. Momotyuk

    Post-doctoral Advisor: N.R. Fletcher
    Ph.D. Thesis Supervisor: R.G. Wilkinson (deceased)

    Selected Recent Publications from 301 Total Publications

    Strong nuclear couplings as a source of Coulomb rainbow suppression
    N. Keeley, N. Alamanos, K. W. Kemper and K. Rusek, Phys. Rev. C 82 (2010) 034606

    Low-lying states in 8B
    J. P. Mitchell, G. V. Rogachev, E. D. Johnson, L. T. Baby, K. W. Kemper, A. M. Moro, P. N. Peplowski, A. Volya, and I. Wiedenhöver Phys. Rev. C82 (2010) 011601(R)

    25Si and 29S studied via single neutron knockout reactions
    R. R. Reynolds, P. D. Cottle, A. Gade, D. Bazin, C. M. Campbell, J. M. Cook, T. Glasmacher, P. G. Hansen, T. Hoagland, K.W. Kemper, W. F. Mueller, B. T. Roeder, J. R. Terry, and J. Tostevin, Phys. Rev. C81 (2010) 067303

    14C(α,γ) reaction rate
    E. D. Johnson, G. V. Rogachev, J. Mitchell, L. Miller, and K. W. Kemper, Phys. Rev. C80 (2009) 045805

    Elastic Scattering and reactions of light exotic beams
    N. Keeley, N. Alamanos, K. W. Kemper and K. Rusek Prog in Part and Nucl Physics 63 (2009) 396

    Single-neutron energies near N=28 and the absence of the N=34 subshell closure in the Ti isotopes
    P. D. Cottle and K. W. Kemper Phys. Rev. C78 (2008) 037304

    6Li and 6He elastic scattering from 12C and the effect of direct reaction couplings
    N. Keeley, K. W. Kemper, O. Momotyuk and K. Rusek Phys. Rev C77 (2008) 057601

    Tensor analyzing powers and energy dependence of the 7Li+16O interaction
    A. T. Rudchik, K. W. Kemper, A. A. Rudchik, A. M. Crisp, V. D. Chesnokova, V. M. Kyryanchuk, F. Maréchal, O. A. Momotyuk, O. A. Ponkratenko, B. T. Roeder, and K. Rusek Phys. Rev. C75 (2007) 024612

    Target structure independent 7Li elastic scattering at low momentum transfers
    O.A. Momotyuk, N. Keeley, K. W. Kemper, B. T. Roeder, A. M. Crisp, W. Cluff, B. G. Schmidt, M. Wiedeking, F. Maréchal, K. Rusek, S. Yu. Mezhevych and J. Liendo Phys.Lett. B640 (2006) 13.

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