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    Approving revisions

    While an article's Curator always has the final say and responsibility for an article's contents, Scholarpedia permits both Curator and Community approval of articles.

    "Curator" approval occurs when the curator explicitly registers approval for a particular revision.

    "Community" approval occurs at least one week after submission, when the revision has been neither rejected nor approved by the article's Curator, but has received approval votes from at least two of the article's Contributors, and has received no votes for revision rejection. Any revision on which there is disagreement among Contributors as to whether it should be approved is left pending.

    Article Contributors must agree, more often than not, with the evaluation of the article's Curator in order to be able to continue to participate in votes on whether to approve or reject a revision, and thus community of article contributors should soon begin to emulate the judgment of the article's Curator.

    There are two ways to approve a revision to a Scholarpedia article from within Scholarpedia.

    1. In both cases you will first need to visit the article's history page by following the "View history" link at the top right of the page.
    2. Identify the row in the history page that corresponds to the revision in question by examining the revision's timestamp, user, and summary.
    3. You can immediately approve the revision by pressing the "approve" link which appears on the same row. If you wish to examine the substance of the revision first, however, you can click on the revision's timestamp an you will be directed to the article. On the article itself you have the opportunity to view a comparison (a "diff") of it to the revision that came before, as well as approve it.
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