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    Scholarpedia articles are peer-reviewed "living" literature reviews authored by those who know each topic best. Authoring a Scholarpedia article represents a unique opportunity for established faculty and researchers to ensure that the public has readily available to them accurate, accessible, and durable knowledge. Scholarpedia provides a wiki-style publishing medium capable of remaining current, a reassurance that topic experts have control over the articles to which they have contributed, and a peer-review process which enables each article to represent a bona fide contribution to the scholarly literature.

    While the "prime directive" here is for contributions to be scholarly, beyond this there is considerable flexibility afforded:

    1. During article development, expert researchers can be actively involved in writing or instead opt to take a more supervisory role. In both cases the senior authority on each topic has final say over the article's published content.
    2. Once an article is published, the topic expert becomes the article's Curator. Revisions to each article require either the explicit approval of the Curator, or complete consensus of those who have already contributed to it, with the Curator's judgment taking precedence.information technology

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    Getting started is straightforward -- simply propose an article.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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