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    The morphogenetic toolkit

    This table summarises the sorts of mechanisms that cells use to organise themselves into tissues

    cell typepropertymechanismexamplereference
    mesenchyme movementcontact guidancefish fin invasion Wood & Thorogood (1984)
    (nerves) haptotaxis pronephros elongation Zackson & Steinberg (1987)
    contact inhibition/space colonisation NC invasion of cornea Bard, Hay & Meller (1975)
    pigment patterning Tucker & Erickson (1986)
    cell repulsion NC blockage in posterior somite Wang & Anderson (1997)
    chemotaxisneuronal migration in spinal cordCharron et al (2003)
    chemorepulsionoligodendracite dispersalTsai et al (2003)
    epithelium to mesenchyme transitioninitiation of neural crest migrationCheung et al (2005)
    apoptosisloss of Mullerian ductRoberts et al (1999)
    condensation formationmigrationganglion formation by neural crest cellsLallier & Bronner-Fraser (1988)
    adhesiondermal condensationsJiang & Chuong (1992)
    tractioncell aggregation Oster et al (1985)
    loss of ECMlimb pre-cartilage condensationsLi et al (2007)
    cell sortingcelll-cell-adhesiionDrosphila egg chamber organisatonBecam et al (2005)
    cell focusingC elegans embryogensisSchnabel et al (2006)
    epitheliamesnchyme-to-epithelium transitionpolarisationnephron lumen formationStark et al (1995)
    forming foldsbucklingciliary body formationBard & Ross (1982)
    human brain formationArmstrong et al (1995)
    bending of sheetneural fold formationMoury & Schoenwolf (1995)
    invaginationsea urchin gastrulationDavidson et al (1995)
    forming tubescavitationneural tubeSchoenwolf (1983)
    tube branchingsignallingtracheaSakiyama et al (2000)
    blood vessel branchingRuhrberg et al (2002)
    boundary formationeph-ephrin intreactionszebrafish modelMellitzer et al 1999
    movementpassive growthserosa migration in honey beeFleig & Sander (1988)
    convergent extensiondrosophila limb extensionFristom et al (1977)
    sea urchin gastrulationHardin (1989)
    epibolyearly fish developmentTrinkaus (1992)
    contact inhibitioncompletion of wound healingRadice (1980)

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