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    Item copyeditor: Andrew Whitford

    1. At the top, before the first section, there should be a definition of the topic. If no such defining paragraph exists, it is acceptable to provisionally treat the first paragraph as a definition section. The article may then be approved, and the author made aware of the desired changes.
    2. The topic of the article should be mentioned at least once (verbatim) in the definition section. Like most words, the first mention of the topic should be in lowercase (except names, like in 'Hopfield network').
    3. The first mentioning of the topic should be in boldface by using <strong><nowiki> </nowiki></strong>
      1. <nowiki> </nowiki> prevents from 'autolink'.
      2. <strong> </strong> is important for Google pagerank.
    4. If there are any problems with the clarity or content of the definition, the editor of the article (listed at the bottom of the article page) may also be contacted. Avoid altering the content directly.
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