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    Item copyeditor: Juan P. Carbajal

    • Homepage of the Authors: I can not find the homepage of some authors to link in the section "External links". This issue is related to linking the article from the author homepage of the project [[../../Linking to Articles From Author Pages]]. I think a mail like the following could be sent to the author if we do not have any homepage (based on the mail in the mentioned project):


    • Asking for author's webpage or related page
     "Scholarpedia: Copyeditor help"
     Dear Dr. YYY
     Thank you again for contributing <title> to Scholarpedia. As an Assistant Editor of Scholarpedia, I am contacting you on the behalf of Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich with the following issue:
     My goal is to help you with the format of the article. At the moment I can not find your personal webpage to include it in the section "External links" of the article. Could you please send me your homepage or any relevant link? 
     Thank you very much for your time.
     Sincerely yours,
     XXX, Assistant Editor of Scholarpedia.
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