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    1. There should be a section == References ==.
    2. References should be in the (Author 2006) format, not in the "number" format.

    Citation template suggestion

    It might make sense to define a citation template for the references section. This would only require definition of a template wiki page with something like the following format (call the template cite journal perhaps):

     {{{last}}}, {{{first}}}, {{{coauthors}}} ({{{date}}}) ''[[{{{title}}}]].'' {{{journal}}}.

    When formatting the references section, each reference could then be entered in the form:

    {{cite journal
    | issn = 09567976
    | volume = 18
    | issue = 1
    | pages = 64-71
    | last = Kornell
    | first = Nate
    | coauthors = Lisa K Son, Herbert S Terrace
    | title = Transfer of metacognitive skills and hint seeking in monkeys
    | journal = Psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society / APS
    | date = 2007-01

    This offers the advantage of continued flexibility in terms of reference formatting. If it is decided at a later date that references should be formatted in a particular way, only the template page need be modified. Also, the Zotero tool can be set up such that a journal template can be entered simply by copying and pasting from a citation database, saving time and effort in manual entry.

    This might not make much sense for the Scholarpedia project, but I thought it was worth suggesting. - Andrew Whitford

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