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    Thank you for your interest! Scholarpedia is a peer-reviewed encyclopedia with articles (entries) that are written, peer-reviewed, and accepted according to the same rigorous academic standards as the best peer-reviewed journals. This process is supervised by Scholarpedia Editors - leading experts in their respective fields.

    By participating in Scholarpedia you are contributing to a global project that aims to bring authoritative, scholarly, and timely knowledge to the world at large.

    An invitation

    We invite established experts to become editors of Scholarpedia.

    An editor of Scholarpedia should satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Have a PhD or MD.
    2. Be an acknowledged expert in his/her field.
    3. Be willing to spend a couple of hours per week performing editorial duties.

    As an Editor of Scholarpedia you will be primarily interacting with leaders in your field, encouraging them to synthesize and summarize their expertise for posterity, as a free and authoritative reference for academics worldwide. In our effort to ensure that your work remains as meaningful as possible, as an Editor you will receive administrative and editorial support from a team of volunteer Assistant Editors, typically a team of graduate students in your area of expertise.

    Please send any expressions of interest to Attach a current curriculum vitae, and please indicate:

    • your area of expertise
    • your proposed article category or a category which you would like to join
    • a preliminary list of topics you would like to add, along with the author whom you believe would be most appropriate (you do not yet need to get their consent)
    • your Scholarpedia username (if you are registered)
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