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    Every article for Scholarpedia is subject to peer-review, in which Scholarpedia's expert curators publicly vouch for the article's accuracy and scholarliness.

    Scholarpedia employs semi-anonymous peer-review: generally, the identity of whoever approves an article for publication is public, while article rejection is anonymous.

    Articles can be approved for publication by (a) any Scholarpedia Editor, (b) any Scholarpedia Curator invited to review the article, or (c) anyone invited to review the article by a Scholarpedia Editor.

    Anyone invited to review an article is able to reject it anonymously, as can any Editor. By providing plausible deniability to any invited reviewer, the social consequences of rejecting an article are minimized.

    Note that article "rejection" is, in general, not permanent. It causes an article to lose its status as "Sponsored", as well as any reviewer approvals it might have. The article must be re-sponsored in order to again have a chance at being published, however before the article is re-Sponsored, a different team of authors can have an article of the same name Sponsored, and take the article's place.

    See also Help:Peer-review process

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