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    Reviewer A=

    This is an excellent contribution. Its discussion is more complete than that can be found in textbooks or review articles as it explicates the connection of Adler’s sum rule to the CKM mixings, Adler-Weisberger, Cabibbo-Radicati sum rules, as well as Bjorken scaling.

    As this contribution makes it clear that the derivations found in most textbooks are incomplete because they generally ignore the production of heavy flavors. In this connection, I would like to suggest the insertion of qualifiers “approximate” and “incomplete” when referring to these early textbook results. Thus, in helping the reader to understand the relations among the variously stated results, the sentence in the paragraph below Eq.(5) can be modified with such insertions:

    “When production of heavy flavors such as charm is neglected, the corresponding (approximate) expressions for K_(N) are K_(N=proton) = 2 + 2sin^(2)(theta)_(C) and K_(N=neutron) = -2 + 4sin^(2)(theta)_(C), with (theta)_(C) the Cabibbo angle; since the Adler sum rule was derived well before the discovery of charm, some older texts give these (incomplete) expressions for K_(N).”

    Author :

    I have incorporated Reviewer A's helpful suggestion into the text (6/10/2009)

    reviever B

    I have read the article, and found it to be OK.

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