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    Reply to Reviewer A:

    We appreciate your comments on the article. We have removed the reference to Figure 2 in the parasystole section as it a legacy from a previous version. We agree that the article is not clinical in nature. This is because it is part of the Encyclopedia on Dynamical Systems, so we deliberately intended it to be more mathematical in nature. However, the article includes basic information about clinical arrhythmias. We will leave it to the discretion of the editors as to whether or not a second, more clinical article is desired.

    Thanks again from the authors.

    Reviewer A

    it is an excellent article; I'd say an outstanding one due to a large amount of vivid computer illustrations.

    I have 2 recommendations: - this article should be accepted after minor revisions

     (e.g.,  now written: Figure 2C labels the normal (N) beats and the ectopic (E) beats. 
      Please put the correct fig. number; fig 2 is heart anatomy; there are no ectopic beats in it)

    - a more important one: this is a purely "modeling" article. It is intended for readers with interest to physics, math, numerics. In Schorarpedia, needed also an article Cardiac Arrhythmias intended to General Readership, to readers who wants or needs to know about the Cardiac Arrhythmias themselves, not about their modeling.

    The Editor of Scholarpedia should invite other authors with clinical and cardiological background, to write 

    the second article.

    May be these two articles should have subtitles to let reader orient in them: suppose, article existing now: Cardiac Arrhythmia (modeling), and the second article: Cardiac Arrhythmia (clinics)

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