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    Reviewer A (Marcus A.M. de Aguiar)

    Dear Prof. Klauder,

    Congratulations for the very nice article on coherent states. I have only a few observations and comments that you may consider:

    1 - In the Generic Definition: is the resolution of the identity operator part of the definition or does it follow from the continuity of the map l -> |l>? In other words, coherent states are given by the map l -> |l> provided the resolution of the identity is possible?

    2 - In section 3, after eq.(8): the label for eq.(9) is in the text, not in front of the equation. Also "the propagator solution to" should probably be "the propagator IS a solution to"

    3 - In section 5, after eq.(15), in the sum N(z)= \sum_0^\infty |z|^2/sqrt(rho_n), |z|^2 should be |z|^2n.

    Best regards,

    Marcus A.M. de Aguiar

    Author's answer

    Good points, and I have corrected my version to take them into account.

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