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    Robert P. O'Shea

    This article is rather more complicated than suggested for Scholarpedia. Can it be simplified to the level of a Scientific American article?

    Reviewer A:

    Necessarily difficult rather than gratuitously difficult I think. Some points to ponder...some may only reflect misunderstanding: The inability to fill am isotropic space with spheres doesn't preclude a representation by an isotropic space. The elliptical contours of constant detectability are not indicative of 'hue superimportance' as seems to be implied. Not sure if the von Campenhausen solid is really of optimal colors, or just representative ones? At any rate, its elongation is underestimated by compression of each excitation axis. Judd's and Kuehni's 'hue superimportance' idea rests mainly on a comparison of two studies (Munsell, Nickerson) and I haven't seen it clearly supported by CIELAB and other more recent work, e.g. Wyszecki's attempt to measure the Gaussian curvature of color space. Good LCD projectors are beginning to move to 10 bit intensity resolution, and a few monitors also provide 10 bit resolution; CRTs of course have no quantization error. Commenter: Don MacLeod

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