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    1. For my taste the section on iterative maps is far too extensive. A short summary of the main properties without pictures would suffice in this context. If this material is to be kept in this form, it could be used in a separate entry about iterative maps.

    2. In a review like this it would be useful to mention possible difficulties with this approach. These include the fact that the magnetic diffusivity has to be very small (much smaller than the turbulent viscosity).

    • It would be a good idea to discuss what are the particular strength of this type of framework, by briefly comparing to other approaches, e.g. full non-linear MHD simulations.

    Response from author:

    Point 1: this being an article in the Enclopedia of Dynamical system, I chose to

            retain the discussion of iterative maps, although in shortened form

    Point 2: excellent suggestion, new section added on thee issues

    Point *: another good suggestion, I will add a few sentences on this

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