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    Inferior temporal cortex and short-term memory

    There's a recent article[1] in PNAS that addresses the relation between the inferior temporal cortex and the representation of short-term memory. Maybe it also makes sense to cover other functions of the IT cortex other than vision? -- Bao 18:19, 30 August 2008 (EDT)

    1. Nee and Johnides Neural correlates of access to short-term memory PNAS 2008

    Reviewer 1 [Gabriel Kreiman]

    1. I would suggest adding references throughout the text. Students entering the field would benefit from a direct reference for each point made so that they can easily look up the original literature. 2. The anatomy section refers to the input to IT cortex. A brief note could also be added about the output of IT cortex, including non-visual projections such as amygdala, entorhinal and perirhinal cortex and frontal cortex but also feedback projections to early visual areas. At the very least, one should say that Figure 2 only shows some of the connections. 3. It could be mentioned that IT is located at the pinnacle of the so-called "what" ventral pathway (only hinted at in figure 2). 4. It could be menioned that IT neurons show a latency of ~ 100 ms, which is compatible with the speed of immediate visual recognition. 5. It may be also interesting to add that IT neurons follow visual perception in a binocular rivalry task (Logothetis), therefore linking visual processing to visual perception.

    Minor/grammar 1. "Sometimes the defitic if a general". Replace "if" by "is". 2. man-made. Remove extra space. 3. Point 10 in the physiology: "It" --> "IT" 4. Point 11 in the physiology: "IT can cells" --> IT cells can 5. Point 9 in the physiology. "a vertical organization". A columnar organization? 6. What does the author mean by "long" in long term memory in point 11 and what is the evidence for long term memory if he referes to hours, days, weeks? 7. fMRI. "There is also appears..." --> There appears to be...

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