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    I have mainly made some changes to improve the English, but there were a few sentences that seemed irrelevant, so I deleted them. I also put comments in the text. There are only two. Figure 7 is a very nice encapsulation of emerging flux features. Some work should be done in the first page of the article to remove repetitive generalizations.

    Author's reply: We have completed the article following the referee's comments, in particular we have rephrase a bit at the end of the first paragraph of section 3.1 (about Pores). We have suppressed a redundant sentence in the introduction.

    Reviewer B

    I have made some changes to improve the language. I have also added a few comments in the text that need to be considered. The figures and movies are very nice and instructive.

    Author reply: We wish to thank the reviewer for his/her helpful comments and his/her suggestions. We have almost kept all his/her remarks. We completed the caption of figure 6. Concerning figure 7, we did not indicated "sunspot" in the figure since a sunspot might not necessarily be present in such case, with only a few flux tubes. Nonetheless, we indicated in the caption were the pores/sunspots should be located.

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