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    I think that this article is an excellent review covering all aspects of MRI from the principle to the technologies and the applications and including the history.

    My suggestions are only partial corrections of equations and other small modification;

    1) Equation 3: E = hν = (h/2π)γ B0

    2) Equation 4: ν= (γ/2π)( B0 + Gx), G is linear gradient with respect to a spatial coordinate x and produce an extra field of Gx at the point of x.

    3) Equation 5: E = (h/2π)γ(B0 + Gx)

    4) In “Image Acquisition and Computation” section: “K-space is covariant with actual physical space, so that each point in physical space has a corresponding point in k-space. “ would be better to be changed to “K-space is covariant with actual physical space and K- and physical spaces are inter-convertible with each other.”

    I have accepted this, under the assumption you can correct the equations 1) to 3)and modify the sentence of 4) appropriately.

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