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    Reviewer A

    This is a splendid article. It is well written and contains useful compendium of the most important pdes encountered in mathematics, engineering, and the other sciences.

    Following is a list of grammatical changes the authors may wish to consider.

    1) In some places w(x,y,u) is used and in some places w(x,y;w) is used.

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). What do you mean here? Neither "w(x,y,u)" nor "w(x,y;w)" are used in the article. We used "\tilde w(x,y;\mu)" a couple of times but there is no inconsistency.

    2) Properties of a homogeneous linear equation, item 5. I would change "Let the coefficients" to "Assume the coefficients." I would also change "it admits" to "There is"

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Agree.

    3) After (9), I would change "Properties ..." to "Some properties ... are"

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Agree.

    4) I would make a similar change near item 2 of Laplace equation

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Sorry, don't understand what you mean here.

    5) Canonical form of elliptic equations. complex conjugate or complex conjugates?

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Complex conjugates.

    6) Before (26). I would use a word other than imply.

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Changed to "Setting ... means prescribing ...". Okay?

    7) In several places, consider replacing "turns out" with "becomes"

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Did you mean replacing "turns into" with "becomes"? Will do.

    8) Burgers equation. Change "It is" "This equation is"

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Okay.

    9) Biharmonic equation. Say something like "Various representations ... functions include"

    Authors' comment (A. Zhurov). Okay.

    Reviewer B

    Nice presentation of PDEs! I made a few comments in the text. Please review and then I will accept.


    Many thanks to both reviewers for the very useful comments and corrections.

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