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    Reviewer 1

    The article is correct. Some improvements of the English are possible and misprints should be corrected.

    For example:

    • p.1 : Accent on Benard in the title is missing.
    • p. 2, 3. line: Insert "are assumed to" instead of "to".
    • p. 3: The z-coordinate in the Schwarzschild criterion is not defined.
    • p. 4, line 16: ....effects....
    • 2. line from bottom: Sonnenatmosphäre.......Göttingen....


    Frankly speaking, the second change does not seem to be necessary: currently, the sentence contains normal parallel constructions in the form "... to be independent of ... and to depend on"). Moreover, if the change is done, the parenthesized word "assumed" will immediately be repeated in the suggested inset. Thus, I have left the final form of this sentence to the discretion of the editor.

    Technically, the accent in the title could not be introduced by me. At the moment, the needed correction has been made by an editor.

    I made the remaining correcitons and am grateful to the reviewer for noting them.

    Reviewer 2

    This article focuses on instability and pattern formation.

    • It needs to include a description of what convection is - the transport of heat by bulk fluid motion.
    • It should give a heuristic description of why superadiabaticity is the instability criterion.
    • It should list a few examples and references to supercritical non-linear convection.


    Thank you for these notes. I extended the descroption of the above-listed points.

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