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    This is quite an excellent and informative article written by the world leader in this topic. I have only very small comments.

    1. The language should still be checked, there are some typos and minor grammatical errors.

    Author's reply: I have go through the paper to check and corrected.

    2. I was wondering about how to choose the value for gamma. Then I noticed that this problem is addressed at the very end of the article. You might add after eq. (4) or (12) that some considerations about gamma will be given at the end.

    Author's reply: Thanks for your suggestion. I have modifed accordinly.

    3. I did not find any reference in the text to Fig. 4(a). This could be in the first paragraph of "Automatic model selection via coordinated mechanisms".

    Author's reply: You are correct. Thanks ! I have modifed accordinly.

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