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    Reviewer 1

    The insect antenna is a superior biological model of active tactile sensing. This article nicely reviews behavioral and functional aspects of the stick insect antenna with its research history and recent advances in detail. However, the reviewer recommends that the authors will consider some minor comments below.

    Movie1: I guess this movie shows the appendage movements in real speed. This playback speed setting may be too fast to understand how the antennae and legs move in space. I recommend a slower speed setting (at least 5 times or more).

    Figure 8: There seems no information on the size of scale bars.

    Figure 10: A characteristic dent at the joint between pedicel and flagellum, connecting the distal end of Johnston’s organ to the endocuticle, should be indicated in the SEM photograph with a mark (ex. arrowhead or asterisk).

    I found (nearly 10) misspellings through the text. I don’t point them here because it would be easily checked by authors using a word processor software.

    Response to Reviewer 1

    I appreciate the suggestions and have made changes accoringly.

    Movie1: The movie has been slowed down five-fold. The old file remains on the Scholarpedia server (Movie_ClimbingStickInsect.swf). the new uploaded file is Movie_ClimbingStickInsect_slow.swf. The caption was edited accordingly.

    Figure 8: The caption now indicates the size of the scale bars.

    Figure 10: An arrowhead was inserted that labels the dent. Also, the sizes of the scale bars are mentioned in the caption, to make it easier to read.

    I have corrected several typos, hoping that I found all of them.

    Reviewer 1

    The authors addressed all of my comments and revised properly. I would like to recommend this article as an "authorized" Scholarpedia article.

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