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    The article is fine as it stands. It is well written and provides a nice description of what many people consider to be the most capable suite of solvers available for systems ODEs/DAEs/NAEs. One trivial correction ... search on "parmameters" and delete the first m. Also, should either "stepsizes" or "linesearch" be two words? Consider these questions. Do you want to say a few words about the examples that are available with the suite? Similarly, do you want to say a few words about the user mail/support group? Finally, might a few words about the predecessor Fortran solvers lsode and dvode be useful since many readers will be familiar with them and their track records? Make any of the changes you deem worthwhile. I'll approve the article after you respond.

    I've fixed the typos (parmameters, stepsize, linesearch) and added a new section on availability, documentation, and support where I mentioned the examples included with the distribution as well as the sundials-users mailing list. I opted not to mention the Fortran predecessors, mostly because the list is longer than just the two you mentioned. In any case, a figure with the genealogy of the SUNDIALS solvers is available on the main SUNDIALS website. -- R. Serban

    The revised article looks fine. One last typo..."distribued" needs a t.

    Comments by author: I fixed the typo noted above. Minor wording changes made by Reviewer B are fine. -Alan Hindmarsh

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