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    It might be good to link “systems neuroscience” to the broader systems approach in biology originated by von Bertalanffy. Also, to perhaps to explain that a systems-level approach does not preclude the value of explanations at other levels (i.e. that it is non-reductionist).

    “an understanding of the emergence of tactile perception in this system is expected to emerge.” Emerged used twice here, could be improved.

    A “theory of tactile perception” (last paragraph) should probably be broader than just mammals. Or restate this as a theory of mammalian tactile perception. Even if you keep it to mammals, perhaps you should have a nod towards a more comparative approach e.g. mention the star-nosed mole as another model animal where we have some evidence of the underlying brain architecture.

    Perhaps you should make some sub-sections and have an introductory paragraph in order to follow the standard Scholarpedia format.

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