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    Reviewer A

    I agree with Reviewer B, this is really an excellent article and I strongly recommend it for publication in Scholarpedia.

    In the last corrections of mine I have added the section "Mean topological dimension", because (in my opinion) this notion is very important for dynamical systems which have infinite topological entropy.

    I have add 2 references for this section and changed [S] by [SW] in the list of references.

    Reviewer B

    This is an excellent article, and I strongly recommend its acceptance in Scholarpedia.

    Just a few points: Goodwyn is misspelled (not "Goodwin"). Autor: FIXED

    There should be a reference for "pressure" (Peter Walters?). Author: link to the relevant article appears automatically

    If possible, give the definition for conditional entropy. (By the way if one clicks on "condition" it sends you to an article on physiology-nothing to do with the subject at hand.) Author: The misleading automatic link is removed, a word about conditional entropy is added.

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