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    Reviewer A

    This is a great article. I made some minor edits in order to smooth the English... I also have few minor comments:

    1. Keller-Skalar model does not account for viscosity ratio 2. may be references 4 and 9 are switched? Note that Ref. 4 does not include thermal fluctuations 3. self-similar dimensionless parameters S and Lambda – why are they called self-similar? 4. “the result that contradicts to the conclusions of the theories suggested in Refs. [11,13]” I don’t think there is contradiction with Ref. 11 and 13. Ref 11 and 13 simply didn't see the "self-similarity", which was the great discovery of Ref. 12.

    Author :

    Reply to Reviewer A. Thank you very much for editing the paper. I accepted partially your suggestions. I would also like to respond on your remarks. 1. Already in the abstract of the Keller and Scalak paper it is pointed out that fluids with different viscosities inside and outside of the membrane are considered. In this paper also the transition from TT to TU is predicted in \lambda-\Delta plane. 2. I corrected the reference: [4] is now refrences that was included by mistake in [3]. 3. These new non-dimensional parameters follows from self-similar-solution of the equations. So they are callede self-similar parameters. 4. I agree for your correction.

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