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    Thanks for introducing interesting systems. Here are my comments and suggestions. - Since the title of the article is “Virtual touch”, more general concept of virtual touch can be addressed in terms of teleoperation, or augmented haptics(which does not necessarily refer remote communication) - (Section 2) :they are often forced to live apart -> they often live apart - There is a very relevant work to the Huggy Pajama Cha, J., Eid, M., Rahal, L., & Saddik, A. E. (2008, October). HugMe: An interpersonal haptic communication system. In Haptic Audio visual Environments and Games, 2008. HAVE 2008. IEEE International Workshop on(pp. 99-102). IEEE. - Figure 4, Figure 6 are not mentioned in the text. - I assume there are some typos. -> This “too” utilizes vibration ~, They “too” used vibrotactile ~ . - “Even though the `Hug over a distance' work closely relates to our concept, there isn't sufficient attention given to the pressure level exerted by the inflated jacket.” – a reference should be included. if there were evaluations supporting this statement, please cite the paper. - Often authors stated that emotion/mood is displayed or conveyed. But it is still missing how to measure/ rate emotion before displaying or conveying. - In Huggy Pajama system, there are 12 unique input sensors which corresponds to 12 unique output modules -> It would be also great to address what type of sensors have been utilized and the locations of sensors and actuators (in the Figure) - In the RingU system, it is not clear how a virtual mini-hug was allowed and delivering each other’s warm through a vibration motor and LED. - The pressure exerted determines the intensity of the color and the vibration. -> In the system description, a sensor to measure the pressure was not addressed. A push button on the other hand measures binary pressure input. - Vibration control (e.g. vibration on and off) -> were you referring to PWM?

    Dear reviewers, Thank you very much for the comments and suggestions. We have made revisions on the article based on your comments and suggestions. Thank You.

    Thank you for the interesting review of virtual touch. Here are my minor comments: 1. Reference order- Muleller Florian et al (2005) should come after Cha J et al (2008). 2. Please add ref. to the following: "Love, closeness, and intimacy are important for people's psychological well- being". "Touch is really important in social interaction and essential in forming bonds and building trust" "ambient multi- color glow has adopted in some research to create a certain mood and emotional feeling". Best, Yael

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