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    comments 1. change "The whisking frequency is stable during whisking and change only between whisking epochs (Berg and Kleinfeld, 2003)⁠." to "During exploration the whisking frequency can be maintained remarkably stable during each whisking epoch, with frequency changes occuring between whisking epochs (Berg and Kleinfeld, 2003)⁠."

    2. in "Comparisons with saccadic eye movements" - add a comparison of the "main sequence" (correlation between amplitude and peak velocity, and duration and peak velocity (e.g., see Deutsch et al 2012)

    Author reply: I have made the changes as requested by the reviewer.

    Please add cross-references to the articles [vibrissal behavior and function] and [vibrissa mechanical properties], you might also want to reference [whisking pattern generation]. Please check for undue overlap with any of these articles. Some overlap is ok as long as there is not substantial duplication of content.

    Author reply (03-22-15): Cross-references have been incorporated. No undue overlap with these articles noted.

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