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    Université de Caen-Basse Normandie

    Prof. Francesca Gulminelli, Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire 6 Bd du Maréchal Juin 14050 Caen Cédex

    A few words about my Curriculum Vitae

    Figure 1: Francesca Gulminelli

    • May 2007-May 2010: Associate Professor to the Département de Sciences et Génie de l’Université Laval (Canada).
    • Octobre 2006: Professor in Physics (29ème section CNU) at the University of Caen-Basse Normandie (France)
    • September 2003: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches from the University of Caen (France)
    • August 2003: Nomination at the « Institut Universitaire de France »
    • October 1994: Nomination as Maître de Conférences (Assistant professor) at the University of Caen (France)
    • January-September 1994: Post-Doctoral scholarship in theoretical physics at Grenoble (France)(Human Capital and Mobility UE contract)
    • January-December 1993: Post-Doctoral scholarship in theoretical physics in Giessen(Germany) (INFN contract)
    • December 1992: Dottorato di Ricerca (PhD thesis) in physics at the University of Milano (Italy)

    Research keywords

    • Theoretical nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear matter, statistical mechanics of phase transitions, statistical models, analysis and interpretation of multi-fragmentation data

    Scientific results

    • 86 publications published or accepted for publication in refereed international journals, including :
    • 2 revue articles (Physics Reports et Annales de Physique)
    • 5 scientific books chapters
    • 44 seminars in international conferences (29 invited seminars)
    • 8 series of invited lectures in different summer schools and doctoral schools in France and abroad
    • Co-editor of the whitebook « Dynamics and Thermodynamics with nuclear degrees of freedom », Springer (2006)

    Supervising experience

    • 8 Master thesis
    • 10 PhD thesis in co-direction
    • 1 PhD thesis as a single director

    Awards, responsabilities

    • Junior member of the IUF (Institut Universitaire de France) 2003-2008
    • Prize Joliot –Curie of the nuclear and particle physics division of the French physical society (SFP, 2008)
    • Responsible of the Master Program in Physics of the University of Caen, France
    • Gordon Research Conference on Nuclear Chemistry, 2011, Chair; 2009, Vice Chair.

    Five selected publications

    • 1. F.Gulminelli, Ph.Chomaz, A.H.Raduta, A.R.Raduta: " The influence of Coulomb on the liquid gas phase transition and nuclear multifragmentation", Phys.Rev.Lett. 91 (2003)202701.
    • 2. Ph.Chomaz, F.Gulminelli, O.Juillet: "Generalized Gibbs ensembles for time dependent processes", Annals Phys. 320 (2005) 135-163
    • 3. P. Napolitani, Ph.Chomaz, F. Gulminelli, K.Hasnaoui: “Thermodynamics with charge-density fluctuations:an Ising analog to compact-star matter”, Phys.Rev.Lett 98 (2007) 131102
    • 4. M.J.Ison, F.Gulminelli, C.Dorso: “Expansion dynamics of Lennard-Jones systems”, Phys.Rev.E, 77 (2008) 031109.
    • 5. G.Lehaut, F.Gulminelli, O.Lopez : « Isoscaling as a measure of the symmetry energy in the Lattice Gas Model », Phys.Rev.Lett. 102, 142503 (2009)
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