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    Kansai University, Japan

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    Kunihiko Fukushima received a B.Eng. in electronics in 1958 and a PhD in electrical engineering in 1966 from Kyoto University, after which he worked as a Senior Research Scientist at the NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories. He joined Osaka University as a professor in 1989, staying there until 1999 when he moved to the University of Electro-Communications, remaining there until 2001. From 2001 to 2006 he held a professorship at Tokyo University of Technology, and since 2006 he has been a visiting professor at Kansai University.

    Dr. Fukushima is one of the pioneers in the field of neural networks and has been modeling neural networks of the brain since 1965. His special interests lie in modeling neural networks of the higher brain functions, in particular networks subserving the visual system. He invented the "Neocognitron" for deformation invariant pattern recognition. Dr. Fukushima is the author of many books on neural networks.

    Dr. Fukushima has received numerous awards for his research in neural networks. Most recently he received the Excellent Paper Award in 2006 from the Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS), and the Neural Networks Pioneer Award from IEEE in 2003. He has received the President Award (2002) and Outstanding Achievement Award (2005) from the Asia-Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA). He was the founding President of JNNS and was a founding member on the Board of Governors of the International Neural Network Society. He is a former President of APNNA. For more information, visit http://www4.ocn.ne.jp/~fuku_k/index-e.html

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