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    Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU, New York, NY

    Curator and author

    Featured Author: Frank C. Hoppensteadt

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    Frank C. Hoppensteadt studied physics and mathematics at Butler University, and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, receiving his Ph.D. in January, 1965. He held tenured positions at Michigan State University, New York University, the University of Utah, and Arizona State University, including in addition to positions in mathematics, positions in departments of biology, statistics, and electrical engineering. He has also served in various administrative positions: department Chair of Mathematics (Utah), Dean of Natural Science (MSU), Director of System Sciences and Engineering Research (ASU), and Sr. Vice Provost for Planning (NYU).

    Dr. Hoppensteadt has published 11 books and edited 2 in various areas of mathematics and mathematical biology, founded Cambridge Studies in Mathematical Biology, and has over 150 refereed articles in professional and scientific journals. He has received honors as Fellow of AAAS and Christensen Fellow, St. Catherine's College, Oxford.

    Scholarpedia articles:

    Hoppensteadt F.C. (2006) Predator-Prey Model. Scholarpedia, p.4306
    Hoppensteadt F.C. (2006) Voltage-Controlled Oscillations in Neurons. Scholarpedia, p.4977

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