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    NeuRA, Sydney, NSW, Australia


    • PhD (Physiology), UNSW/NeuRA, 2017. Supervised by Prof. Janet Taylor and Dr. Tatjana Seizova-Cajic. "Where was I touched? - An investigation of tactile localization and skin-based maps".
    • Bsc Hons (Physiology), Monash University, 2011. Supervised by Prof. Uwe Proske and Dr. Trevor Allen. "The senses of force and heaviness at the human elbow joint".

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        • Looking for a post-doc abroad.***
    I am interested in the perceptual processes that guide movement. My experiments are all behavioural by nature, typically the participant is provided with a stimulus (such as a touch) and reports on what they feel through various methods (such as pointing). I conduct experiments on touch localization, body representations, and the sense of heaviness. I am interested in contributing to research on other proprioceptive topics, in particular the senses of body ownership and agency. In the future I would like to investigate how our perceptual experience remains stable even with changes to the size and shape of our body and the dynamics of our surrounds.


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