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    Teuvo Kohonen (b. July 11, 1934, Lauritsala, Finland) received his Diploma of Engineer, Licentiate of Technology, and Doctor of Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (in 1957, 1960, and 1962, respectively), where he has been a professor since 1963. He has also been a permanent professor of the Academy of Finland since 1993.

    Dr. Kohonen was the founding President of the European Neural Network Society. He has received 18 awards, honorary doctoral degrees from Universität Dortmund, Åbo Akademi, University of York; Dr. Kohonen is Knight First Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland (1976), Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland (1987).

    Dr. Kohonen has more than 300 publications, five textbooks or monographs, of which "Self-Organizing Maps" (Springer, 1995, 3rd ed. 2001) is the most recent, and is co-author of several edited books. His most recent research area is self-organization, in which he has introduced the widely known unsupervised learning algorithm called the Self-Organizing Map (also known as a Kohonen Network).

    Scholarpedia article:

    Kohonen T. and Honkela T. (2007) Kohonen Network. Scholarpedia, p.7421

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