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    LGL environmental research associates

    Senior Biologist at LGL Limited environmental research associates, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada--Tim.Edgell 23:42, 7 January 2011 (CST)


    1. Post-doc Marine Benthic Ecology. Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, B.C. & U of Alberta, Canada
    2. PhD Ecology and Evolution of the Intertidal. University of New Brunswick, Canada
    3. B.Sc. Biology. University of Victoria, B.C., Canada


    IJ McGaw, TC Edgell, MJ Kaiser (2011) Population demographics of native and newly invasive populations of green crab, Carcinus maenas (L.) Marine Ecology Progress Series XX: xxx-xxx

    TC Edgell, J Hollander (2011) The ecology and evolution of European green crab Carcinus maenas in North America. In: B Galil, P Clarke, JT Carlton (eds) In the Wrong Place - Alien Marine Crustaceans: Distribution, Biology and Impacts. Springer Series in Invasion Ecology, Volume 6, 600 pp.

    TC Edgell, RC Bocking (2010) Ecological, genetic, and biological risk assessment for pink salmon net pen projects near Sidney, B.C., and in the Strait of Georgia: Aquatic Organisms Risk Analysis. Prepared for Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. (FFSBC)

    TC Edgell (2010) Past predation risk induces an intertidal whelk (Nucella lamellosa) to respond to more dilute concentrations of its predator’s scent. Marine Biology 157(1): 215-219

    TC Edgell, R Rochette (2009) Prey-induced changes to a predator's behaviour and morphology: implications for shell-claw covariance in the northwest Atlantic. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 382(1): 1-7

    TC Edgell, BR Lynch, GC Trussell, AR Palmer (2009) Experimental evidence for the rapid evolution of behavioural canalization in natural populations. The American Naturalist 174(3): 434-440

    MW Demarchi, KN Tuttle, TC Edgell (2009) Environmental assessment and environmental indicators for selected range and training areas overseen by Area Support Unit Chilliwack. Prepared for PWGSC on behalf of ASU Chilliwack

    TC Edgell, T Miyashita (2009) Shell shape and tissue withdrawal depth in 14 species of temperate intertidal snail. Journal of Molluscan Studies 75(3): 235-240

    TC Edgell, C Brazeau, JW Grahame, R Rochette (2008) Simultaneous defense against shell entry and shell crushing in a snail faced with the predatory shorecrab, Carcinus maenas. Marine Ecology Progress Series 371: 191-198

    TC Edgell, CJ Neufeld (2008) Experimental evidence for latent developmental plasticity: Intertidal whelks respond to a native but not an introduced predator. Biology Letters 4(4): 385-387

    TC Edgell, R Rochette (2008) Differential snail predation by an exotic crab and the geography of shell-claw covariance in the northwest Atlantic. Evolution 62(5): 1216-1228

    TC Edgell (2008) The geography of inducible defence in a marine snail. The Malacologist, London 50: 30-31

    TC Edgell, R Rochette (2007) Geographic correlation between reciprocally-adaptive traits of an exotic decapod predator and native gastropod prey: Evidence of an arms race? Evolutionary Ecology Research 9(4): 579-597

    R Rochette, SP Doyle, TC Edgell (2007) Interaction between an invasive decapod and a native gastropod: predator foraging tactics and prey architectural defences. Marine Ecology Progress Series 330: 179-188

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