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    Steklov Institute of Mathematics (POMI), St.Petersburg, RUSSIA

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    Yuri V. Matiyasevich (b. March 2, 1947) is a mathematician and computer scientist. He is best known for his contributions to Hilbert's tenth problem and related topics.

    Matiyasevich received his B.A. (1969) from Leningrad State University and his Ph.D. (1970) from Leningrad Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics. Once the public procedure in 1972 and the final approvement given by VAK - the national government agency in Former Soviet Union countries supervising the awarding of advanced academic degrees, in 1973, he received the degree of Doktor Nauk by Steklov Institute of Mathematics in Moscow. The title of Doktor Nauk is the mandatory degree for becoming a full Professor in Former Soviet Union countries. He is currently the head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Logic at St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics.

    Among his distinctions, awards and honors are: Honorary doctorates from both the University of Auvergne and the Pierre and Marie Curie University; the Humboldt Research Award to Outstanding Scholars; first prize at the Sixth International Mathematical Olympiad; full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; president of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society; and corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

    His research interests include computability theory, which is the mathematical tool used to tackle the unsolvability of Hilbert's tenth problem, as well as graph theory, number theory, and mathematical logic.

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    Matiyasevich theorem. Scholarpedia, 3(7):7095. (2008).

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