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    William Pardridge

    • UCLA
    • Dr. Pardridge is the Director of the Blood Brain Barrier Research Laboratory at UCLA, has written many primary and review articles throughout the literature regarding the Blood-Brain Barrier and his laboratory is actively pursuing means of bypassing the barrier to delivery systemically administered drugs to the brain. The work of his laboratory is at the forefront of redefining the Blood-Brain Barrier.

    Eric V. Shustra

    • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chemical and Biological Engineering
    • Published many research and review papers and book chapters on the subject of the blood-brain barrier. Research focuses on bypassing/modifying the blood-brain barrier or the use of nano-carrier molecules for therapeutic effect.

    Edward A Neuwelt

    • Department of Neurology, Oregon Health & Science University
    • Explores the role of the BBB and how it contributes to disorders of the central nervous system vary, depending on the specific disease process.
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