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    Encyclopedia of Fluid dynamics

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    • Waiting for a sufficient number of physicists in Scholarpedia to systematically start authors' elections, articles in "Encyclopedia of fluid dynamics" are written on Editors' invitation only.
    • Suggestions of living original inventors and world--acknowledged experts are welcome.
      To suggest an author X for a title Y, send an email to editors with subject: 'suggestion for Scholarpedia: X' and body:
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    Scholars have the right to partecipate to the public elections to choose the authors of some entries in Scholarpedia.
    Have a look at the complete list of open elections where you could vote e.g. for the authors of:
    Ising Model, Integrable system, Bose Einstein Condensate Dynamics, Turbulence: Two-Dimensional, Rayleigh-Benard Convection.

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    • An introduction to some elementary actions any author should master to become editor--independent.
    • An introduction to Scholarwiki, the dialect of wikitext markup language on which articles are written in Scholarpedia.
    • A few ready--to--cut--and--paste examples of useful advanced editing topics.
    • A review of the editorial conventions in use in Scholarpedia.
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