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    Election of authors since 8 July 2010.

    Candidates are listed in the order they were nominated.
    Click 'article' to participate in the election or add candidates.
    A soft-max (probabilistic) procedure will be used to choose the author based on the number of votes received. Thus, electing one candidate does not imply that any (or all) of the other candidates received fewer votes.

    Karl Deisseroth

    • Stanford University
    • Karl Deisseroth has pioneered the development and use of optogenetic techniques in animal models to advance our understanding of the neural circuits involved in various functions in health and disease.

    Gero Miesenböck

    • Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford
    • Gero Miesenbock is a pioneer in the field of optogenetics and has used these techniques on the nervous system of the fruit fly to elucidate the structure and function of various neural circuits.

    Ed Boyden

    • MIT
    • Why is the nominee qualified? Ed Boyden has pioneered a series of molecular

    reagents, in widespread use, for sensitizing precise neural functions to being controlled by light. He has published several of the most fascinating and valuable papers in this new field and has a broad perspective on its technology and its potential uses in discovery in neuroscience.

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