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    Dear Eugene,..

    ..I propose to use the little stars in lists like 'Recommended reading' and 'External links'.

    Happy new year & kind regards: Tobias.



    • Researcher1 A.B. and Researcher2 C.D. (1955) Title of the article. Journal, 111:123-145
    • Researcher3 A.B. and Researcher4 C.D. (1957) Title of the article. Journal, 112:231-251

    Recommended reading

    • Author F.N. (2007) Title of the book. Publisher
    • Author2 F.N. (2007) Title of the book. Publisher

    External links

    See also

    Brain, Neuron, Synapse

    User 2 (Editor): Capitalization of article titles

    This article does not define how article titles are to be capitalized, but illustrates something quite different from the majority of articles. I suggest the article require capitalization of only the first letter of the first word of a title and illustrate as Article template. By the way, I could not edit this information into the article, despite being an editor. How come?

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