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    Article checklist

    Dear all,

    thanks for your help so far with copyediting. It's nice to observe how the project Scholarpedia is growing as new articles authored by the best experts of their field are added continuously. While the articles that are edited by copyeditors are checked whether they comply with the layout rules; the majority of the authors are editing the wikitext themselves, but often they don't consider all the instructions regarding the layout. Therefore we could increase the quality by checking those articles systematically and collaboratively for the layout rules. To organize the collaborative article check, I prepared a simple checklist which can be updated by all the copyeditors. My hope is, that this checklist could contribute to an efficient procedure with the aim of assuring the quality of the articles regarding the layout. I invite you to have a discussion about what kind of features of such a checklist could be of benefit for that goal. You find the prototype of the checklist on which will be in the form of a later version integrated into Scholarpedia.

    Yours : Tobias.

    I fully support the checklist. If it works as Tobias hopes it would, then we will migrate it to the Scholarpedia server (with some programming). Izhikevich

    I'm all for it. One remark: since the listed article are the ones in the peer-review forum, some already have an article copyeditor, and thus only require item copyeditors' attention. I hope it will speed up the process of double checking. More generally, it's a very good idea and an important step towards a nice look for all accepted articles. Nemri 04:32, 9 August 2008 (EDT)

    A little change: If entries contain comments, they are marked with a star on the main page. --Denninger

    If the status of an article/item gets updated or commented, it'll appear on the mainpage in bold to those copyeditors that updated that article/item before; until they click that article/item to see what changed. For example, copyeditor A set the status of an article/item to OK, but copyeditor B (like the item copyeditor) makes a further correction and writes a comment to inform copyeditor A. Then that article/item will appear bold to copyeditor A on the mainpage. --Denninger

    This is a nice function. I fully support it. --Shenj

    I like it. Good job! --Memming 15:12, 13 August 2008 (EDT)

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