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    We also need a column for "figures". That is, the figures must be formatted appropriatedly, preferably put as [[Image:figurefile.ext|thumb|400px|right|label|caption]] and the figure references in the text should be of the form Fig. <ref>label</ref>. This coulumg could be instead of the 'article copyeditor' or 'author' column, since the copyeditor name is at the top of the table, and the article's author is at the top of the article.

    (bikeshed request) Is there how to make the <ref> tag output the whole "Fig. x"? This would not only automatize the style, but would make the link larger (just the number looks so small...)
    Anyway, I also recommend the use of a &nbsp; between the "Fig" and the number, to avoid line breaking. This is just like the ~ in TeX... Can we use it, or should we avoid, to keep the text as simple as possible? -- Nwerneck 02:26, 28 March 2008 (EDT)

    Section titles

    Articles should also have section titles in appropriate format, (i.e., in = = title = = , and not as title as some authors do). This must be checked too.

    Peer-review forum

    Articles submitted to the peer-review forum can be seen in Special:Wantedreviewers.


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