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Turbulent reactive flows

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    Stephen B. Pope

    • Cornell University
    • Since 1982 Professor Pope has been at Cornell University where he is the Sibley College Professor. In addition to PDF methods, his research activities include stochastic modeling of turbulence phenomena, direct numerical simulations of turbulence, and computational methods for combustion chemistry. Professor Pope is a Fellow of the Royal Society, of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, of the American Physical Society, and of the Institute of Physics.

    Professor Pope has written the graduate text book Turbulent Flows (Cambridge University Press, 2000) has published over one hundred and seventy research papers and has presented his work in invited talks to national meetings of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics,the Society of Engineering Science, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. In 1986 he was awarded a Higher Doctorate (D. Sc. (Eng.)) by the University of London for " published work of a high standing containing original contributions to the advancement of knowledge and learning in the fields of fluid mechanics, combustion and turbulence." In 1989 he was made an Overseas Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. Together with P.K. Yeung and S.S. Girimaji, in 1990 he won the First Prize in the IBM Supercomputing Competition (Engineering Division) for research on material surfaces in turbulence.

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