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    University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

    Editor of the quantum gravity section of the Encyclopedia of Space-time and gravitation



    • PhD: Harvard (1984) Invariant Formulation of and Radiative Corrections in Quantum Gravity Advisers: Sidney Coleman and Stanley Deser
    • AM: Harvard (1979)
    • BS: CWRU (1977)


    • Highest Honors (CWRU)
    • Philip E. Bliss Prize
    • Lubrizol Prize in Physics
    • NSF graduate Fellowship
    • 1993 Physics Teacher-of-the-Year
    • Outstanding Referee of APS
    • 2011 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Teacher-of-the-Year
    • Fellow of the American Physical Society

    Current position

    Professor of Physics, University of Florida (since 2003)

    Noticeable previous positions and professional experiences

    • Postdoc: UT Austin 1983-85
    • Postdoc: UCSB 1985-7
    • Research Assistant Professor: Brown 1987-9
    • Assistant Professor: UF 1989-94
    • Associate Professor: UF 1994-2003


    Research interests

    • Quantum gravity
    • Quantum field theory in curved spacetime
    • Inflationary cosmology
    • Modified gravity

    Selected publications

    • A Gravitational Mechanism for Cosmological Screening (with Nick Tsamis) Int. Journal of Modern Physics D20 (2011) 2847, arXiv:1103.5134.
    • How Far Are We from the Quantum Theory of Gravity? Reports on Progress in Physics 72 (2009) 126002, arXiv:0907.4238.
    • Avoiding Dark Energy with 1/R Modifications of Gravity Lecture Notes in Physics 720 (2007) 403, astro-ph/0601672.
    • Nonlocal Cosmology (with Stanley Deser) Physical Review Letters 99 (2007) 111301, arXiv:0706.2151.
    • Stochastic Quantum Gravitational Inflation (with Nick Tsamis) Nuclear Physics B724 (2005) 295, gr-qc/0505115.
    • The Fermion Self-Energy during Inflation (with Shun-Pei Miao) Classical & Quantum Gravity 23 (2006) 1721, gr-qc/0511140.
    • Vacuum Polarization and photon mass generation in inflation (with Tomislav Prokopec) American Journal of Physics 72 (2004) 60, astro-ph/0303358.
    • Quantum Gravity Slows Inflation (with Nick Tsamis) Nuclear Physics B474 (1996) 235, hep-ph/9602315.
    • The Structure of Perturbative Quantum Gravity On A de Sitter Background (with Nick Tsamis) Communications in Mathematical Physics 162 (1994) 217.
    • Physical Green's Functions in Quantum Gravity (with Nick Tsamis) Annals of Physics 215 (1992) 96.
    • Nonlocal Yang-Mills (with Gary Kleppe) Nuclear Physics B388 (1992) 81.
    • The Problem Of Nonlocality In String Theory (with David Eliezer) Nuclear Physics B325 (1989) 389.


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