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    Université Côte d’Azur, Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, CNRS, Artemis, Nice, France AND Bureau des Affaires Spatiales, Monaco

    Editor of the Encyclopedia of Space-time and gravitation


    Current position

    • Research associate at the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur (OCA), ARTEMIS CNRS/UMR 7250, France.
    • Administrator of the Office for Outer Space Affairs of Monaco.

    Noticeable previous positions and professional experiences

    • Member of the scientific council of the Academy of Excellence in Complex Systems at the University Côte d'Azur in Nice. (2022-now)
    • Member of the Virgo, LIGO-Virgo, LIGO-Virgo-Kagra collaborations. (2016-2021)
    • Research associate at the Scientific Center of Monaco, Monaco. (2015-2020)
    • NASA NPP fellow (2010-2012).
    • Elected member of the OCA board of directors (2008-2009).
    • Invited member of the OCA scientific board (2008-2009).
    • Lecturer in Signal processing and Optics to third year (U.S. university equivalent) engineering students., Groupe ESAIP Enseignement Suprieur, France (2007-2008).


    • PhD in relativistic astrophysics, Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur – University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France), ARTEMIS (CNRS/UMR 6162), with honors (2006-2009).
    • Master in astrophysics, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France), with honors (2004-2006).
    • Maîtrise in Physics, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France), with honors (2004-2005).
    • Licence (Bachelor) in Physics, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France), with honors (2001-2004).

    Awards and Fellowships

    • 2016: Classical and Quantum Gravity, Outstanding Reviewer.
    • 2010 - 2012: NASA NPP postdoctoral fellowship.
    • Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur: second PhD student prize.


    Research interests

    • Phenomenology of General Relativity and its alternatives (from laboratory to cosmology)

    Selected publications

    • Fienga A, Minazzoli O (2024) Testing theories of gravity with planetary ephemerides Living Reviews in Relativity, Volume 27, Issue 1. Link on ADSABS
    • Mariani V, Minazzoli O, Fienga A (2024) Bayesian test of Brans-Dicke theories with planetary ephemerides: Investigating the strong equivalence principle Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 682. Link on ADSABS
    • Bernus L, Minazzoli O, Fienga A, et al. (2022) Constraining massless dilaton theory at Solar system scales with the planetary ephemeris INPOP Physical Review D, Volume 105, Issue 4. Link on ADSABS
    • Minazzoli O, Santos E (2021) Charged black hole and radiating solutions in entangled relativity The European Physical Journal C, Volume 81, Issue 7. [1]
    • Minazzoli O, Johnson-McDaniel N, Sakellariadou M (2019) Shortcomings of Shapiro delay-based tests of the equivalence principle on cosmological scales Physical Review D, Volume 100, Issue 10. Link on ADSABS
    • Hees A, Minazzoli O, et al. (2018) Violation of the equivalence principle from light scalar dark matter Physical Review D, Volume 98, Issue 6. Link on ADSABS
    • Minazzoli O, Hees A (2016) Dilatons with intrinsic decouplings Physical Review D, Volume 94, Issue 06, id.064038. Link on ADSABS
    • Ludwig H, Minazzoli O, Capozziello S (2015) Merging matter and geometry in the same Lagrangian Physics Letters B Volume 751, p. 576-578. Link on ADSABS
    • Hees A, Minazzoli O, Larena J (2014) Breaking of the equivalence principle in the electromagnetic sector and its cosmological signatures Physical Review D, Volume 90, Issue 12, id.124064. Link on ADSABS
    • Minazzoli O, Hees A (2013) Intrinsic Solar System decoupling of a scalar-tensor theory with a universal coupling between the scalar field and the matter Lagrangian. Physical Review D, vol. 88, Issue 4, id. 041504(R). Link on ADSABS.
    • Harko T, Lobo F, Minazzoli O (2013) Extended \(f(R,L_m)\) gravity with generalized scalar field and kinetic term dependences. Physical Review D, vol. 87, Issue 4, id. 047501. Link on ADSABS.
    • Full list through ADSABS
    • orcid:0000-0002-3151-7593

    Reviewer for

    Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review D, Classical and Quantum Gravity, The European Physical Journal C, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics Letters B, Foundations of Physics, Annals of Physics, Results in Physics, Annalen der Physik, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomy, Modern Physics Letters A.


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