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    Current editors: Jean-Yves Vinet, Abhay Ashtekar, Carlo Rovelli, Richard P. Woodard, Olivier Minazzoli.

    Former editors: Patrick Peter, Jorge Pullin, Riccardo Guida, Pedro Ferreira.

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    Special Relativity

    General Relativity

    Current editor: Abhay Ashtekar

    Classical theories of gravitation

    Theoretical Cosmology

    Observational Cosmology

    Relativistic Astrophysics

    Experimental and Observational Tests of Gravitation

    Current editor: Jean-Yves Vinet

    Quantum Gravity

    Current editor: Richard P. Woodard

    LQG current editors: Carlo Rovelli and Abhay Ashtekar

    Higher-dimensional theories and space-times

    General relevant articles

    Future articles

    Related encyclopedias

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